cured after psychedelic experience


No, you’re not. It’s common to feel as if we’ve been transformed forever, especially if your psychedelic experience was full of bliss and awe. However, don’t confuse the insights you can have in one night with the changes you can realise in one night. Change takes time. Psychedelics can give you a glimpse onto the other side, but you’ll have to do the walking yourself.


Change is hard; we’re literally wired to think the same thoughts and do the same things day in and day out. Naturally, change requires discipline. But most of all, change requires acceptance and that’s something you can learn. You can do it on your own or team up with your likeminded fellows in the PX Integration Group.

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How do you maintain change over time? Repetition! However, for many of us that’s when we fall back into our old patterns. But not here – join the Peak Experience (PX) Collective: the regular meeting of the Integration Group graduates will support you in locking in the change you’ve  made. We hold each other accountable and lift each other up, when we need it.

Insights come overnight,

change doesn’t .


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Use your peak experience as ignition for change.

Peak Experiences are pivotal moments in someone’s life that can carry the potential to change everything. They can arise from near death experiences, from deep meditative practices or can be induced by psychedelic substances.

In this Integration Workshop, your peak experience is the starting point of your journey. During the workshop you will learn how to use this experience as a compass for navigating your everyday life. In doing so, you will begin to move fluently between the peak experience and the normal world; until they begin to weave into one beautiful pattern of living your life.

After the workshop you will be granted access to the Peak Experience Collective (“PX Collective”). It’s where the graduates of this program continue to support and inspire one another. You’re not alone on your journey.

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  • Info Evening: 15.01.2023 at 16:00 CET (Vienna time)

  • Small group size for maximum involvement (max. 6 people)

  • Privacy

  • Holistic, hands-on exercises

  • Access to the PX Collective

  • Deutsch (ask for English options)

  • Location: Schönbrunner Str. 14A, 1050 Vienna (U4 Kettenbrückengasse)

What people are saying

“A great opportunity to grow from within yourself and to learn from the growth and experience of others. Truly recommendable to join the next group!”


“This progam is so much more that just sharing trip reports! You are given tools, that will help to distill your personal essence out of your experience – and by doing so, you will be able to take something back from the visionary world into real life!”


“With mindfulness, warmth and expertise, Marlene is able to create a space where all is welcome – to be a part of this space is a meaningful experience in itself. The tools and knowledge shared by her allow me to implement structures that make the insights of my peak experiences palpable in everyday life.”


“Marlene truly understands how to create a safe space where all emotions, thoughts and feeling are allowed. This non-judgemental atmosphere opened the door for me to look deeper and learn valuable lessons about myself!”


“Marlene was a great facilitator and mentor. Her setting allowed me to really open up and face a few uncomfortable truths. She found the right words to encourage me to go deeper, instead of just scratching the surface. I’m excited about working with her further.”


“Marlene hat glaube ich viel Freude bei dem was sie tut – und das steckt an! Und sie lenkt immer wieder den Blick auf das Wesentliche.”



Marlene Rupp

I’ve been running Psychedelic Integration Circles since early 2018. My approach to the integration of Peak Experiences is inspired by best practices from international Psychedelics-assisted therapy trials, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), body focussed work and Buddhist philosophy. I have co-founded several organizations, such as PsyCare Austria and the Psychedelic Society Vienna and have served as a speaker at conferences, academic events and for the media.


Work with me 1:1 if you prefer a more individual setting. Available at my office in Vienna, or via Zoom. German is my native tongue, my English is excellent. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.


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    Individual session, à 50min — €80,-
    (contact me for low income option)

    PX Integration Workshop, 5 sessions à 2.5 hours — €190,-